Emergency evacuation

dog boarding hobart.com.au, Is Starting an Emergency Evacuation centre for domestic pets

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Being through 2 fires, Dunalley and the Huon Valley, we decided to make a van and trailer available for a mobile emergency evacuation centre for pets. The van would be fully equipped with plenty of crates, water, and feed bowls, kitty litter trays, bird cages, generator, cool mats, towels, blankets, pets first aid kits, collars, leads, lights, fan, heater, power cords & boards.

If anything like this happens again we can hook up the trailer and be able to help set up an emergency evacuation centre for dogs cats and birds, rabbits, and other small domestic pets anywhere they need it – immediately.

We want to be prepared and always help in these situations when needed. We feel it is our duty to help our fellow man & pets in such emergency situations

At Kimberly’s we care about such things and part of our profits are going into the effort to make this happen, giving back is very important to us.

So each time your dog is dog boarding with us, or use our doggy daycare in Hobart, our Pet feeding or dog walking services you are helping our dreams become a reality for a mobile evacuation centre for the pets of Tasmania