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getting started

We started this business as we all shared a love of pets and my parents would take in many strays. We always had at least 6 or more dogs at a time including lots of other pets including cats, birds, sheep, goats, chooks and much more.

boarding dogs

This started out as a friend of mine had nowhere to put her dog when she went on holidays and all the Kennels were booked out. I offered to mind her dogs for her. The dogs were so relaxed and my dog enjoyed the company so I decided to mind their friends and family's dogs on a regular basis.

During this time I did a short stint with a dog minding business whilst still minding my friends dogs. I thought why not make some money out of something I enjoy. I was not working so it seemed appropriate. It was then that I also thought about starting a Pet Taxi business - it would marry in well.

pet taxi

My parents taught me the love and care of pets at a young age. My mother never drove and with having vets doing many home visits it was more expensive and my parents had many bills. I decided to start a pet taxi so if there were others out there that did not drive we could provide this service for them.

Pet Services

I was brain storming and wondering how I could bring more money into the household. It was then that I decided to add dog minding to my pet taxi & pet feeding and dog walking and make it a complete pet services business. I did ask the lady operating the dog minding if she wanted to come in with me on the venture and join forces. We initially thought that was the way to go but later decided it was best we did our own thing. We went our separate ways and I went onto my own adventure.

Starting out on my own

Starting out on my own was daunting at first. I was full of fire and passion and my mind was racing with ideas. I borrowed money on my home loan and purchased my first pet taxi complete with all the signage on the outside. I did all the dog minding, dog walking, pet taxi and pet feeding on my own. I drove from one end of Hobart to the other, from Huonville to Sorell and out to Brighton, Eastern, Northern and Southern areas. I gradually started putting people on to help me mind dogs and house sit for owners who had a menagerie of pets.

Home stays boarding & Doggy day care facility - the beginning

I was so busy that I was not able to mind many dogs myself and I love dogs, they are my real passion. This led me to start up a home stays boarding and doggy day care facility for myself and family to operate. I also cut down on other duties. We purchased a property close to the airport and designed the house around the dogs.